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The Invention of the Darling

By Li-Young Lee

“The poet of rapture and tenderness” (Major Jackson, American Poets), Li-Young Lee speaks these poems with the intimacy and primacy of a whisper, as if from a lover to a beloved, or a believer to God. Each poem in The Invention of the Darling is a mysterious conjunction of spirit and matter, movement and stillness, the divine and the mundane, the sacred and the forbidden. They yearn for holistic union with The Beloved, every sentence another name for The Beloved, every poem another way to say “I love you.” Forged in awe of life and love, these poems emerge from the unlit depths of our earthly, material desires and our deepest fears of mortality.

Mojave Ghost

By Forrest Gander

Forrest Gander

But here, you said, at the time of our intrusion,

you said this zone here is not one of the earth’s sentences

but an overdub of stutters here where we’re walking

on this slumbering crack, a complex, you said,

of tensions right here, and you bent and touched

your finger to the warm, ant-fenestrated dirt

while I surveyed the hairpin turn in the arroyo beside us

and then you stood and brought it, your finger,

to my lips, you said here, and you watched me

as the taste, part you part earth, brought a change to my face.

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