A new poem from Keetje Kuipers’ forthcoming Lonely Women Make Good Lovers, “Emesis.”


Read an excerpt from Bonnie Jo Campbell’s The Waters: “The town has a troubled soul.”

The New Yorker

An interview with Jorie Graham on distraction, ecological devastation, and the future of the medium of poetry.


Review of Akil Kumarasky’s Meet Me by the Roaring Sea, a “…mesmerizing and odd novel…haunting and beautiful.”

Peste Magazine

Read Dunya Mikhail’s poem “Friendship Snapshot” here: My friend is always busy, / so I made a new friend / of Play-Doh.

The Week

Meghan O’Rourke recommends six books on understanding pain and illness including titles by Natasha Trethewey and Susan Sontag.