Harpers Bazaar

Airea D. Mathews on play: “Barbie reminds me of the imaginative intensity that children take on to push past time and space.”

G&L Review

Mecca Jamilah Sullivan on writing black, queer fiction: “‘So, your mother is a Black feminist? No wonder your writing is so queer!’”

New York Times

Read Beth Ann Fennelly’s essay, “I Love My Students, but I Won’t Use a Gun to Protect Them” here.

bon appétit

Torrey Peters on the end of her marriage: “I thought I could save my marriage by repressing my transness. I couldn’t.”


Booker Prize-winning author Bernardine Evaristo takes Elle’s literary survey.

Town & Country

In his latest piece, esteemed New Yorker writer Adam Gopnik interrogates the politics of excellence through music and art.