The Yale Review

Five questions with Jenny Xie on memory, migration, and poetry: “the poems [try] to thin the membrane between the living and the dead.”


Random House Children’s Books will publish Joy Harjo’s picture book Remember, which is adapted from her celebrated poem of the same name.


Stunning review for Lidia Yuknavitch’s Thrust: “One of the most ambitious dystopian novels to hit shelves this year.”


Check out this list of the 10 Best Book Covers of June featuring Sun Yung Shin’s recently published collection The Wet Hex.

Washington Post

Lidia Yuknavitch’s dreamy new novel Thrust delivers a mind-blowing critique of America’s ideals.


Vanessa Hua, author of Forbidden City, speaks with Jane Ciabattari on writing about the forgotten women in Mao’s inner circle.


Vanessa Hua speaks with NPR about Forbidden City, a novel about a teenage girl at the start of the Cultural Revolution in China.

Oprah Daily

Vanessa Hua’s Forbidden City included in 22 of the Best New Books to Welcome Spring.


Amy Bloom sits down to share her journey after her husband, Brian, chose to die by assisted suicide.


An interview with Meghan O’Rourke where she discusses how a mystery illness cost her a decade of her health.