An interview with Brenda Hillman: “I like the idea of utterances that push through things.”

PBS Newshour

Check out this podcast, “How poetry lets you be so many things at once, with Chen Chen” wherever you listen.

US Institute of War & Peace

Pádraig Ó Tuama knows artistic insight can speak directly to conflict, addressing important systemic factors such as identity, race, gender and ability.

Brian Broome


Listen to this interview with Brian Broome: “My story is probably one that Governor DeSantis would want to ban.”

Brooklyn Rail

Akil Kumarasamy with John Keene: “There are many moments where we feel the weight of a lifetime in an instance.”


Airea D. Matthews and Wes Matthews, her son, are both poet laureates working to inspire others.


Danté Stewart discusses Tyre Nichols’ death: “…more than police brutality. That was a lynching.”

The New Yorker

An interview with Jorie Graham on distraction, ecological devastation, and the future of the medium of poetry.


A conversation with Meet Us by the Roaring Sea author Akil Kumarasamy on pushing against the self in fiction.