PBS Newshour

Check out this podcast, “How poetry lets you be so many things at once, with Chen Chen” wherever you listen.

US Institute of War & Peace

Pádraig Ó Tuama knows artistic insight can speak directly to conflict, addressing important systemic factors such as identity, race, gender and ability.

Brian Broome


Listen to this interview with Brian Broome: “My story is probably one that Governor DeSantis would want to ban.”

Brooklyn Rail

Akil Kumarasamy with John Keene: “There are many moments where we feel the weight of a lifetime in an instance.”


Airea D. Matthews and Wes Matthews, her son, are both poet laureates working to inspire others.


Danté Stewart discusses Tyre Nichols’ death: “…more than police brutality. That was a lynching.”

The New Yorker

An interview with Jorie Graham on distraction, ecological devastation, and the future of the medium of poetry.


A conversation with Meet Us by the Roaring Sea author Akil Kumarasamy on pushing against the self in fiction.

Literary Matters

On writing, teaching, and defeating the “shitbird” of self-doubt in this conversation with Philip Schultz.