Firm Offer Form

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Thank you for filling out our firm offer form. If you have not yet spoken to a speakers representative we ask that you give us a call. We like to say hello in person and discuss the program voice to voice. Our number is 845-677-8559. Your firm offer form will be sent directly to our inbox and you will receive a copy of the completed form for your files. Important: Should you not receive an automatic reply saying the form was submitted successfully, please call or email us. The firm offer form is not a contract, but it is understood that by submitting this form you have the requisite authority to enter into a contract on behalf of your organization. Once the speaker accepts your firm offer the commitment is considered binding and we will move forward to the contract phase. Note to Student Organizers: A faculty member or administrator must submit the form.
Payment Terms: Our contract will indicate payment is due within 3 days of the event. If your institution is unable to meet the 3-day payment deadline, please indicate in writing below the payment policy of your institution as it is important for our clients to have an accurate due date on the contract.