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Thank you for filling out our firm offer form. If you have not yet spoken to Alison or Miyako about your program, it is helpful if you give us a call first to discuss. Your offer will be sent directly to our inbox and you will receive an automatic email reply confirming your submission. Please call 845-677-8559 if you have any questions.

It is understood that by submitting this firm offer you have the requisite authority to enter into a contract on behalf of your organization. Should the speaker accept your firm offer the commitment is considered binding and we will move forward to the contract phase. We look forward to working with you!

Please provide a website of current or past events, if available.

Please indicate Lecture, Reading, On-stage Conversation or Interview, Workshop, Class Visit, and include Meals, Receptions and Social Events. Note if there is an overarching topic or theme.

Please include exact times for each event. If unknown, estimate Morning, Afternoon, or Evening. In general, Readings are about 45 minutes long and followed by a Book Signing. 

Audience demographics, number of people who might attend and/or the capacity of the event room. Is the event open to the public or private? Is it free or is there a ticket charge?

Payment Terms:

Please indicate in writing below the payment policy of your institution as it is important for our clients to have an accurate due date on the contract: 

Our contract stipulates the Sponsor agrees to cover, at  minimum, roundtrip economy with extra legroom; local ground transportation on event side; private hotel accommodations; and meals. Please check the appropriate boxes below regarding travel. 

Specify the number of hotel nights provided. Please give the hotel name, address, and website.

Please include distance from event venue. Please write N/A if not applicable.

Our standard contract indicates Sponsor agrees to arrange to have Speaker's books available for sale at the Book Signing. Please provide the name of your bookseller.

Please indicate Casual, Business Casual, Business, Black Tie, Academic Regalia

It is understood by both the Sponsor and the Speaker/Agent that any recording will be used for ARCHIVAL purposes only. Artist shall always retain all rights in and to the text of any talks or lectures given by the Artist, unless otherwise agreed in writing. No rights or further rights are granted. If you would like to audio or video record the event, we will ask you to provide a formal Recording Release to be signed by Agency after Speaker's approval has been secured. The Speaker reserves the right to decline recording or to choose archival recording only.

Please give name, role, and contact information of any other people we will be in touch with after the contract process. For example, program assistant, accounts payable, logistics, etc.: